Running basics e-book

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    "Over the course of these months, her coaching has led me to shave off one minute of my min/mile pace while also increasing my mileage 5K to 10K.”

    Izzy R.

    New Orleans, LA


    The Running Basics E-Book will guide you through the basic fundamentals of running including goal setting strategies, gear/equipment, running shoes, how to properly warm-up, hydration basics, running form, nutrition basics, and injury prevention.

    WHO THIS E-book IS FOR:

    đź”…Those who are interested in running but have never run before

    đź”…New runners who want to educate themselves about how to run in a safe and effective way

    đź”…Runners who want to optimize their running form, nutrition, hydration, and learn tips to prevent injury

    đź”…Marathoners and half marathoners who want to run their best on race day

    đź”…Runners tired of dealing with shoe issues, poor running form, shin splints, GI distress, frequent injuries, etc.